Ready to hire top marketing talent?

Prose offers premium recruiting solutions

You want to get the word out and need to build a talent pipeline. But your in-house team is stretched too thin or doesn’t have the requisite expertise. That’s where Prose comes in. 

Whether you’re looking to hire an employee or fill a fixed-contract role, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in sourcing top-notch marketers and creatives — from copywriters, editors, and designers to marketing managers, strategists, and directors to creative directors and CMOs. Think of it as “talent on tap.”

No junior-level hand-offs; all searches will be conducted directly by our CEO and COO. As we know first-hand, hiring the right people is essential. From running an agency for 10 years and building a network of 1,000+ premier creatives, our specialty is sourcing world-class talent.

You don’t pay until you approve a new hire — so there’s no risk on your end. We charge an industry-standard 15% placement fee, paid only on contingency.

Here’s what’s unique about our marketing recruitment service:

We’re hyper-specialized in recruiting for marketing-related roles

Your search will be led by a senior marketer and business executive, not a traditional recruiter

We’ve built an elite word-of-mouth network you won’t find anywhere else

Unlike nearly all recruiting firms, we’re also a full-service marketing agency




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