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Prose works fast, delivers quality work, and brings professional writing rigor to everything they do. We needed Prose because they assign writing support almost immediately and meet quick deadlines on top of understanding our voice. And we’ve only tapped part of their capabilities, so we’re excited to continue to see where Prose can take us.


Joe Vandenorth

Head of Marketing, Real Estate & Workplace Team

The Prose model is unique among content shops. The client team at Prose takes great care to understand not only a specific assignment but all of the context: the audience, industry, the format and service, and other conditions that will help shape the best deliverables. They stay on top of every project as it unfolds, and are always available to resolve issues that come up. I gladly refer a lot of my clients to Prose.


Karen Wickre

Former Editorial Director

Prose has enabled us to scale our storytelling with a level of consistency and polish that really cuts across all of the storytelling that we do now. Whether it be articles, reports, even social media announcements, Prose has elevated our storytelling with consistency on a global level. Having the power of a fully staffed agency, in which there is a solid stable of trained folks who can step in and cover our needs anytime has been wonderful.


Stephanie Fleishman

Global B2B Marketing Manager

Prose has been a superb resource for Univision. We consistently trust Prose for everything from website copy to executive bylines to internal communications, and always know we’re in good hands. With a smart editorial staff, strong technology, and a streamlined process, Prose delivers compelling and authentic content that drives results.


Rosemary Mercedes

Executive VP & Chief Communications Officer

Prose is our go-to content marketing service — it's the simplest and most efficient way for us to get top-quality content. We rely on Prose to help us plan and execute technical articles that offer useful insights on hot industry topics.


Regina Javier

Strategic Communications Director for R&D Solutions

The account managers at Prose go above and beyond to make sure their clients are 100% satisfied, and are very receptive to client feedback in order to do so. Prose makes a commitment to their clients to find the right people for every job they take on, and they remain flexible to changing their own approaches based on client needs. You won’t find a better content production or management company.


Yasmine Ali


Prose works hand-in-hand with clients to understand their voice, brand, and customers. They're impact-oriented — delivering not only quality content, but quality content that drives emotion and action. Prose’s reliability, availability, and consistency also makes them a pleasure to work with.


Inci Atrek

Former Senior Content Strategist

This has been a fantastic partnership. Prose connects our team with writers who are familiar with the topic and can help us turn our outline into a written story.

Google Marketing Platform

Tiffany Siu

Head of Product Marketing for Enterprise Ad Platforms

The engagement we're getting is really, really high. And we know we're 100% reaching the right audience. That's exactly what we wanted to do, and we accomplished it. We couldn't have accomplished it without Prose. On top of all that, they’re so easy to work with. Every day I wake up and pray that Prose is still working with us.


Joyce Ouellette

VP of Marketing

Working with Prose Media has really helped us scale our efforts while still maintaining quality. It's great to know that we have a deep bench to turn to when we need the extra help.


Louise Rasho

Director, B2B Marketing Communications

Everyone holds brand objectives top of mind in the process of developing client content. Prose focuses on producing informative, persuasive, and highly engaging copy. What makes their process so effective is understanding how to align these objectives to the information that their clients' target customers need.


Rusty Weston

Former VP, Managing Editor

I’ve worked with Prose for several years now and it’s been a great partnership. They understand the client’s vision, and take the time to prepare solid briefs and set realistic expectations and deadlines. They are very involved in every step of the project, but most importantly, let each specialist do their job without hindrance. Not only do they care about their clients, but they have the same level of respect for members in their network. They are one of my favorite agencies to work with.


Joy Brunetto

Former Senior Designer

I've worked with many agencies throughout my career, and Prose is one of the best. You can count on their team for thorough, thoughtful briefs and clear communication, as well as fast turnarounds that don't compromise on quality. Their working style is productive and efficient while still giving creatives the space they need to produce their best work. I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for top-tier content marketing and design support.


Rami Levinson

Former Senior Art Director

Airtight strategy informs everything at Prose. They know how to balance creativity and speed, which is pretty rare these days.


Griffin Robillard

Former Copywriter

Prose has been an excellent and trustworthy partner of Red Wing Software for several years. They’ve helped create content on the complex subjects of accounting and payroll. They’ve also suggested topics for our readers and always amaze us with their ideas and how well they write the content. From their ability to write in the correct voice, their thorough research, and how easy they are to work with, we highly value our partnership with Prose.

RedWing Software

Stephanie Gengel

Marketing Manager

Prose is a joy to work with. They're committed to making their clients' lives easier by handling content needs from idea to execution. It's an agency run by writers who truly care about the written word — and that passion comes through in the work they do for their clients.


Mark Steinbach

Former SNL writer

Prose has provided the best service and content I've ever received in my 8 years of agency work. I'd encourage any agency to stop wasting time with mediocre content and work with the best at Prose!

Adhere Creative

Aaron Mireles

Marketing Manager

I really enjoy working with Prose. They're a very versatile and reliable part of the 99designs community. From blogs, to email blasts, to book content, they know the right questions to ask.


Rachel Sa-Onoy

Marketing Project Manager

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Prose on several foreign language projects, and the experience was nothing but positive. The creative minds at Prose value cross-cultural context and take care to ensure that their content is culturally appropriate and relevant. We recommend Prose for their commitment to quality, cultural sensitivity, and teamwork. We continue to be inspired by our collective vision and look forward to this ongoing collaboration.

Culture Flipper

Taew Sukpanyatham

Talent & Communications Manager

Prose "gets" agencies. Their scalable system for high-quality content makes them the ultimate “engine” for any agency. Our Prose editors work steadily behind the scenes, making us look good and helping us generate reliable recurring revenue from our clients. We rely on them to create smart custom content for discerning clients in multiple industries.

Learned Media

Ben Zises


Prose is the ultimate content creation solution. From blogs and sales copy to editing and proofreading, we can always count on them for excellent work that's true to our specs. Our relationship has turned into a true partnership.

U Republic

Hiba Al-Kurd


Prose is an exceptional writing resource. They've consistently delivered high-quality articles on a broad range of topics, with modest guidance. With each article, we've been impressed with the writer's knowledge about highly technical, obscure, and industry-specific topics. In addition, they've always hit our deadlines — even when tight!

Reichert Communications

Barbara Reichert


Prose saves me time – time that would otherwise have to be spent by our top managers. This is solid leverage for us. Keep up the great work!

MPA Networks

Michael Price


Prose has essentially built our social media from nothing into a flourishing stream of great content. Our channels are performing fantastically on every metric – page views, audience reach, and engagement.


Nicholas Fusso


I was initially very skeptical that Prose would be able to supply editorial services of a sufficiently high caliber, but I have been extremely pleased with the results, level of service, and flexibility in adapting to our firm's processes and needs.


Jennifer Mickel

Global Manager of Communications & Thought Leadership

Justin Belmont's superb speechwriting and copywriting had a measurable impact on our global entrepreneurship organization. He also helped hundreds of the fast-growing entrepreneurs we serve in 31 countries — boosting exposure, generating website traffic, and driving sales and investments. We were so impressed, in fact, that Endeavor became Prose's first client!


Linda Rottenberg

CEO and Co-Founder

Prose took very simple notes and provided us with excellent content that was industry-topical and wonderful! The price point was in line with my gut expectations, and the content exceeded those expectations! Recurring customer, here I come!

Silverback Data Center Solutions

Kenneth Jamaca

Founder & President

We tried several different content vendors and were always disappointed. Then we tried Prose. Prose clearly puts in the required "homework" before writing — we only have to make minor tweaks before posting.

American Porch

Adam MacDonald

Owner, Western Spindle Custom Porch Products

In my experience, the two elements that make Prose projects so successful are precise strategy and clear communication. Experienced project leads ensure every detail is captured in comprehensive project briefs, and these are reviewed before work begins so the team is coordinated. I’ve never found myself chasing down an answer to any question, and this keeps the project running smoothly and on schedule. The people I’ve met through Prose are sharp and eager to do excellent work.

Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen

Senior strategist and editorial director

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