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Prose powers Epson’s in-house content marketing team


  • Epson was looking for a content marketing agency that could provide a scalable team of top-notch creatives to manage many requests from its various product groups. They needed a reliable way to create a large volume of high-quality, specialized content by subject matter experts.


  • Prose built a stable of go-to content marketing strategists, writers, and designers for Epson to work with.
  • Prose selects expert writers, designers, and strategists with specific knowledge in each product area to work on projects.


  • Hundreds of world-class content assets have been created for Epson's product teams.
  • The content resources are among the most-downloaded on Epson's website.


Epson, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printers, projectors, robots, microdevices, and more, was looking for an agency partner that could function as an extension of its creative team, helping conceptualize, write, and design a range of content marketing assets on demand. 


Epson's central marketing team supports a variety of product groups by helping them create world-class content that educates consumers, drives traffic, generates leads, and builds thought leadership. Because of the company’s large size — around 80,000 employees — the team is asked to manage many requests, which in turn requires a scalable team of quality content professionals who can handle fluctuating needs and apply their different skill sets from product to product. Epson’s marketing team was looking for a reliable agency partner that could help expand their capabilities in consistently generating a large volume of these assets — blog posts, white papers and e-books, infographics, brochures, decks, executive bylined articles and guest posts, one-pagers, and more.


To help manage Epson’s needs, Prose built a stable of go-to content marketers, writers, and designers for Epson to work with across their wide assortment of projects. Epson has a main point of contact at Prose to handle all communication between talent and stakeholders, which helps reduce the administrative load and the need to manage a large number of people, while still benefiting from the scale of Prose's network. Epson works with a variety of Prose creatives depending on the specific needs of each project.

Since 2016, Prose has helped Epson create content for several of its product groups: 

When Epson requests a new project, Prose selects a writer and designer to help consult on the overall direction. Once these professionals are briefed on the specific deliverables and on the project goals and mandates, Prose produces a detailed plan and outline. Then an interview is set up with the Epson product stakeholder to learn more about what specific information to include in the content, and what elements to highlight. 

Once the copy is finalized, Prose’s graphic design team formats and lays out these assets in a way that reflects Epson’s high-end creative branding, building a sense of continuity between its offerings while highlighting the special features of each product in a way that will deeply connect with consumers. 

In many cases, Prose selects highly niche content specialists who have specific knowledge in a particular product area. For instance, to create an asset for Epson’s P-Series printers, which are targeted to professional photographers, Prose staffed a writer who is also a professional photographer.

For another series of projects illustrating the quality and range of Epson’s SurePress label-printing product, Prose brought on a designer who has specific expertise in designing labels. Here are a couple examples of the work created for the campaign:


Whether creating content from scratch or editing and repurposing existing content, Prose continues to be a natural, reliable, nimble extension of Epson’s in-house resources — creating many of its most important content marketing assets at scale.

Since partnering with Prose, Epson has been able to create hundreds of high-quality projects for its many product teams. These assets have been highly effective in engaging Epson's audience and driving business results, and are among the most-downloaded content resources on Epson’s website. Here are a few additional examples: