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Great content wins, every time

People’s time is valuable, and so much online content gets lost in the clutter. Standing out from the crowd creates a virtuous cycle: Content that breaks through rewards the consumer and, in turn, the brand. We’ve created an agency with this in mind.

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Our mission

We help brands grow through intelligent content marketing by providing meaningful opportunities to the best talent in the world.

We believe high-performing content can unlock the full potential of your brand. But it’s hard and time-consuming to create. We empower in-house marketers to build world-class campaigns, scaling their impact through access to carefully vetted content pros.

More than 1,000 brands have trusted our content marketing agency to help simplify the process of planning, creating, and distributing content that breaks through. Every engagement is unique, but the ROI consistently speaks for itself. Whether you’re trying to reach untapped audiences or reinforce your bond with existing customers, Prose can tailor content to make your message resonate.

What makes Prose different?

We know you understand the power of smart content marketing – and what it takes to make it happen. But we're also willing to bet you've tried different solutions that haven't delivered.

Vetting and managing freelancers can be a job in itself and the results are inconsistent.

Online platforms can be outdated and frustrating to learn, and can yield generic, assembly-line output. You simply can't expect a piece of software to deliver a bespoke strategy and a holistic approach.

Large agencies are like big ships: slow to act and burdened with overhead, incentivizing the captains over creatives. Small agencies, meanwhile, often lack a reliable track record — as well as the scale and specialization of a global talent network.

Your in-house team is incredibly talented but time-constrained, deserving extra resources to help bring their visions to life.  

In an ocean of options, our content marketing agency offers the pros without the cons.

With Prose, you can achieve high-impact results with the ease and peace of mind that come with a simple process, personalized support, and world-class talent.
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We’ve been there

Our network stands out

We "get" enterprises

Personalized service

We curate so you don’t have to

An end-to-end content solution


On brief, on brand

The best creatives, the best work

We take deadlines seriously

Boost quality, depth, and range

Quickly scale up or down

Our story

As an editor at Google and head of communications for a large nonprofit, I witnessed not just how much content marketing was exploding, but how much quality content could cut through and have a real impact.

I’ve always had a dual love — for writing and for growing brands. My first startup was an online bookstore. I put the profits toward an MFA in writing at Columbia, but at the same time, I also cross-enrolled in MBA classes. Every day, as I’d amble between Business and Arts, the two buildings — and the two worlds — started to seem less and less far apart. So I took $3,000 of my savings and launched Prose.

Word of our approach to high-quality content got around. With shifts in journalistic business models and digital marketing, we were able to attract writers who weren’t just experts in their field, but, like me, loved to write. As the media landscape continued to shift, we brought on designers, illustrators, and content marketers from across the country.

Brands found us, too. With zero marketing budget, we built our client base organically, driven largely by referrals. In a world of venture capital, we were (and remain) bootstrapped and independent — serving clients, not investors, and powered by passion.  

Today, content marketing has become big business; like online content itself, there are almost too many options for brands that are looking for help in crafting their messaging, narrative, and communications. But our people set us apart. In a world of noise, real pros rise to the top.

Our story has just begun. But yours is the one that counts. We’d love to help you write your story of success. Let's begin!

— Justin Belmont and the Prose team

A picture of Prose Media founder, Justin Belmont.